Christmas Favourite Things

I was listening to my favourite radio station on the internet the other day – love technology letting me listen to my station while I’m in the UK! – and they have been playing holiday music 24/7. They played “My Favourite Things” from the classic Sound of Music and I thought “Why do they play this? It’s not a holiday song…”

But then I got thinking about my favourite things about the holidays and my question was answered. 🙂

  • Decorating the tree–  Something I didn’t get to do this year, but Lesley and Stephen have a beautiful tree here in Edinburgh. When we got here, we presented them with a Canucks tree ornament, It’s pretty cute and look very happy in the tree.
A little piece of home...
  • Spending time with friends and family  – Also something that we don’t get to do this year (the family part at least – we are definitely with friends 🙂 ) but a while back when I mentioned that it would be weird spending Christmas without our families, Sean says to me – somewhat indignantly – “I’m your family.” (Awww – every now and then, he surprises me.) This is also Lesley’s favourite Christmas thing. Something I have always wished for is a BIG family Christmas. I’m an only child, and my family on the West Coast is on the smaller side compared to the Quebec contingent.   We have been promised said big family Christmas dinner with Lesley’s family in Dundee. Apparently there will be a lot of them and they’re loud, but very, very nice. 🙂 We normally have a holiday open house at our place before Christmas, but it will happen when we get back.
  • Baking (the process and the eating of) – Before we left, I hadn’t had a chance to do much holiday baking, but now that we are settled Scotland, I have made use of the kitchen. They have an older gas stove and oven, which has both delighted and baffled me. My honey oatmeal chocolate chip cookies went flat and rose at the same time. Normally they are nice and puffy. I’m thinking it’s the flour, or maybe the different kind of honey here. But regardless, they still tasted good. I had my first go at shortbread tonight and they turned out pretty good. Ugly, but good. Not post-worthy though, so I am going to try a different recipe and see I go with that.
  • Snow –  When I polled everyone, this was the first thing both Sean and Stephen siad. We never really have a white Christmas back home, but it’s nice to wish for.
  • Holiday lights – This is also Stephen’s favourite thing. They have approximately 2000 holiday lights in/out of the house. The tree, the banister, the fireplace  mantle, and outside. 
  • Holiday music– My top 12 (I couldn’t pare it down to 10)  favourite holiday songs, in no particular order:
      • God Bless the Child (Shania Twain)
      • Grown Up Christmas List (There are a few versions but my current favourite is the Michael Buble track)
      • A New York Christmas (Rob Thomas)
      • What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve (Harry Connick Jr.)
      • O Holy Night (always good by whoever does it)
      • Do You Hear What I Hear (Linda Eder)
      • Les Cloches Du Hameaux (traditional French-Canadian)
      • All I Want for Christmas is You (Mariah Carey)
      • Where Are You Christmas (Faith Hill)
      • Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Bruce Springsteen)
      • Do They Know It’s Christmas (Band Aid)
      • White Christmas (Bing Crosby) – my ABSOLUTE favourite Christmas song, ever.
  • Holiday movie – “White Christmas” hands down, my favourite – we usually watch it on Christmas Eve. Not this year though (but I will when we get home!). “Love Actually” comes a very close second.

What are you favourite holiday things?

Have a safe and merry Christmas everyone!

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  • Trish

    Lovely post Yasmine. Don’t think I could pick just 10 Christmas songs either. A few more from me would be: Silent Night, Adeste Fideles, Frosty the Snowman, Winter Wonderland, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Santa Claus is Coming to Town. I’ll stop there. I could add many more. Have fun with the Robertsons, Murdochs, McKinlays and Hartleys. I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone. See you tomorrow. Trish xx

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