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    #12DaysofHygge Day 3: Unplugging + Staying Present

    Despite being fully charged when I left the house yesterday, my phone battery depleted quite quickly. Right in the middle of a murals tour we were taking. And I didn’t have a charger of any sort on me. Boo-hoo, I know. But I’d had some timed posts planned for the blog and on Instagram. And I wanted to take pictures. Total first world problems. But the universe was telling me something: put the phone away. The Brit’s phone battery was fine. So he took photos for me. And I actually enjoyed having an ‘unplugged’ rest of the day. It allowed me to fully focus on our guide and what she…

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    Tuesday Night Out with My Mum

    Over the weekend, I won tickets to see the award-winning show, Jersey Boys. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve won a contest. On the rare winning occasions, it’s always been a lovely prize, and this time was no exception. The giveaway was put on by local coffee shop chain, Blenz – maker of my favourite hot chocolate! – and had the bonus of including a gift card towards our dinner of choice and a gift card for said hot chocolate.

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    Townsite is where hygge is at – my guest post at TownsiteBrewing.com!

    I recently had the opportunity to interview Townsite Breweing’s co-owner, Michelle Zutz, as well as write a guest blog post on the Townsite Brewing website. This was an exciting opportunity and I’m so happy to share it here:  And now a word from our (non) sponsor…. last week Powell River played host to Yasmine Hardcastle, a woman on a search for the perfect hygge experience. Here you can read of her adventures chez nous: It’s officially autumn – brisker weather and that BC rain… All you want to do is stay inside, curled up with a book and a blanket. And if you go out, it’s always good to be…