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    2018 Review & Reflections

    It’s well past the midway point of January, but I’m posting my 2018 reflections and gratitude anyway. Better late than never, and I finally have the headspace to translate the chicken scratches from my notebook. Looking back on 2018, I achieved some of my goals, had to put others on hold, and for the most part, managed to field any challenges with will and grace. (P.S. The reboot is amazing, you need to watch it.) Most importantly, I had fun. In no particular order, these are my favourite things about 2018. 0

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    Valentine’s Day & Packing

    I’ve just finished packing my suitcase for our trip to Japan (more on that to come later), and now, I sit here with a nice glass of Pinot Noir and a glutenous pizza, watching Olympic highlights. (Hooray, Patrick Chan!) I’m on my own tonight as Miley Cyrus decided to start her tour in Vancouver. On Valentine’s Day. Which means I haven’t really seen Sean for the last few days as he’s been rigging the setup. We leave bright early for the airport tomorrow so lack of sleep will be the nice way to describe my husband tomorrow. (Tee-hee.) Yesterday was our “togetherversary” (six years!), and while I made flourless chocolate cake, and he happened…