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    How I Got Rid of My Credit Debt and 23 Things I Learned While Paying It Off

    Debt. Almost everyone has it, and it’s usually credit debt. (If not a student loan or two!) Mine was credit debt, and I’m very pleased and proud to say that, after almost four and a half years of (sometimes backbreaking) monthly payments, as of March 8th (International Women’s Day!), 2018, I’m officially DEBT FREE. Woot! And I finished early. Double woot!

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    Success My Way and Missing Jean

    Friday was International Women’s Day and I spent the day at an offsite event (if you need an event space, the Jewel Ballroom is great) with work colleagues, both men and women, at a lovely venue called the Jewel Ballroom. My company holds annual IWD events globally and this year’s theme was “Success My Way”. Social media has increasingly become a component for events like this, particularly at our Vancouver events throughout the year – due to the efforts of a social media savvy colleague. And so with the hashtags #successmyway and #IWD13Van we (I think the word is) trended and tweeted our definitions of success, photos and thoughts for…