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    How to Stay Healthy & Happy While Travelling

    Travelling is wonderful. But if you get sick in any way while there or right after you get back, not so fun. Some of this can be attributed to jet lag and recycled air on the plane. But over the years I’ve realized that the biggest reason much of the above happens is that while we are doing ourselves a favour by taking a break to go away (for however long), we tend to stop mindfully looking after ourselves when we travel.

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    Happy 2016!

    Do you remember when you were a kid and it felt like the boring things took forever and the fun things (like summer) went by so quickly? Then, we became adults and got “busy”; wondering how time flew by and wishing we could have had (or made) time to appreciate things. 2015 was both slow and quick for me, but I can truthfully say that I appreciated every day of it. When I said “bring it on” to 2015, I don’t know that I was fully prepared for some of what it threw at me. The good was overwhelmingly so, but the challenges were kind of new level in a when it rains it pours kind of…

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    Guest Post: Kate’s Adventures in the Land Down Under

    Have you been to Australia? I have not – it’s on the list. Therefore, I have been living vicariously through my lovely friend Kate. She has been living and travelling throughout the land down under for the last six months and is now getting ready to come back home (yay!). While I am still sifting through my Japan and Taiwan photos and writing related posts, I asked Kate if she’d be so kind as to write a summary of her trip and share some photos for a guest post. (Idea courtesy of another lovely friend, Stef, another West Coast city girl, who writes her Broad World blog from across the Atlantic while on…