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    4 Fabulous Girls’ Night Out Options in London

    Having travelled solo a fair amount, I am comfortable being in my own company; but there are many times when I’ve been away and wanted to share a moment, or just have someone (that I know) to talk to. Be that partner or friend. That’s why I loved being on the recent trip with my girlfriends, particularly when we were in London. It was really wonderful to share a city that I’ve become quite fond of with some of my favourite people. Here are some fab girls’ night out options in London.

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    Where to Eat and Drink in London’s Soho District

    Before I left for my trip in May, I quizzed my expat colleagues about where the girls and I should eat and drink for our three nights in London. They all recommended one neighbourhood: Soho. Though I’ve been to London many times, Soho is an area that — aside from the theatres — I hadn’t paid much attention to. Now that I’ve explored the area a bit, I can safely say shame on me. Located in the West End of London, Soho is London’s nightlife hot spot. It has morphed and adapted over the decades from being the place to find certain company and activities (you know what I mean),…