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    #12DaysofHygge – Day 12: Tourist in my town + Giveaway from LUQL!

    Dating an ex-pat, I am very accustomed and happy to be a #touristinmytown. It’s fun to see familiar things in a new light, and I always enjoy going somewhere I’ve never been or trying out a new activity. When the people at a new travel app called LUQL (http://luql.io) reached out to me last month about taking a tour in Vancouver, I was intrigued. As you may have read, I love a good tour when travelling, but I’ve never taken a tour in my own city. I suppose most people haven’t(?)

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    #12 Days of Hygge – Day 7: Date Night In

    The Brit recently sent me a link to a Time Magazine clip that was on their Facebook page about hygge. It sums up hygge really nicely as “creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.” A great example of this is when I go to cook and eat with my friend Karen. It’s also how I feel when the Brit and are at home or off on an adventure.

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    4 Fabulous Girls’ Night Out Options in London

    Having travelled solo a fair amount, I am comfortable being in my own company; but there are many times when I’ve been away and wanted to share a moment, or just have someone (that I know) to talk to. Be that partner or friend. That’s why I loved being on the recent trip with my girlfriends, particularly when we were in London. It was really wonderful to share a city that I’ve become quite fond of with some of my favourite people.

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    Where to stay, eat and explore in Powell River on the Sunshine Coast

    With the goal of unplugging and getting our hygge on, the Brit and I went on a Sunshine Coast road trip this past Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend. While it was odd not having a turkey dinner, we had the best time exploring the area and being with each other. I was doing an Instagram takeover for Townsite Brewing, so unplugging was a bit of a challenge, but the other half of the goal was very successful! We had a cozy place to stay, good food, and got out into the trees. We spent most of the weekend on the North Coast in Powell River – a town I don’t think I’d…

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    Feeling Posh in Edinburgh

    I love Edinburgh. If you know me personally, you have heard this a million times. (Sorry, not sorry.) Why do I love it so much? That’s an entire other post, but the short version is that the first time I went there, I felt so at home. The city spoke to my soul and it’s the same every time I visit. Given the opportunity — and if nothing was in my way financially or immigration wise — I would happily live half the year there and half the year in Vancouver. I love it that much. I also have some really lovely friends in Edinburgh, and staying with them each…

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    Exploring Culloden

    One of my favourite TV programs recently started back up again. This little show called Outlander. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Joking aside, the series of eight books that the show is based on is partly what made me want to visit Scotland the first time (2010). I’ve read the adventures of Jamie and Claire in books 1-7 at least twice each over the last twelve years and the eighth came out just in time for me to gobble it up before the first season aired in 2014. They are addictive books. Thank goodness for e-readers because the physical books are hefty! The show is a big deal and has given…