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    Last hike of the summer – Dog Mountain

    Hello and happy autumn! Along with Mother Nature’s changing colour palette, the weather in Vancouver has become a bit cooler and the rain we are known for has been making a few appearances. So it’s a good thing the Brit and I got one last summer hike in this past Saturday; this time at Dog Mountain at Mount Seymour Provincial Park. The weather was beautiful and as much as I am not a morning person (especially not on the weekends), the scenery was absolutely worth getting up early for. If it’s a clear day, make sure you stop to take a photo of Mount Baker!

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    Pause and Explore – Dancer Pose in Glencoe

    Three years ago this month, I was on an epic road trip through Scotland and Northern England with my lovely Edinburgh friends, Lesley and Stephen. They literally took me everywhere and were the best tour guides. One of my favourite spots that we drove through at least twice, was Glencoe. More recently, I stopped at Glencoe on my Highland Explorer tour, and again with the girls en route back to Glasgow to catch our flight to London. We were ending our Highlands road trip – taken in a Lexus Hybrid SUV, no less (thank you car rental company for the upgrade!) – and wanted to get a few uninterrupted photos of…

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    Travel Yoga: Legs up the wall (Viparita Karani)

    Travel is hard on your body. Considering what you are doing (seeing amazing things) I know this sounds a little boo-hoo-ish, but the struggle is real. No one’s body feels good after sitting on a plane, train, or in an automobile for a long period of time. You know what I mean. Stiff neck from sleeping at a weird angle. Sore back and shoulders from sitting in the awkward seats. Tight legs and hips from the same. Hands and feet feeling heavy. The interesting thing is that you can feel much of the same after playing tourist and being on your feet all day. So what can we do about…

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    Acropolis Sunrise

    You know you’ve had a good trip when you have really good memories. I was away for two months and collected many a memory, but a definite stand out day was the morning my flat mates and I trekked up to the Acropolis in Athens to see the sunrise. I am not a morning person, but I love anything about Ancient Greece. So if I was going to see one great thing during my 24 hours in Athens, it was going to be the Parthenon. It was an amazing place to visit and absolutely worth the early wake up. The ruins are beautiful and so detailed (like the ruins we visited in Italy a couple years…

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    To connect or not to connect?

    I have spent the last week in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to: Kythira Island in Greece. The purpose of my trip was for a Kundalini yoga teacher training retreat through Semperviva Yoga, which is a set of studios back home in Vancouver. It has been an AMAZING week. I come off the island having made a pack of fantastic new friends, eaten a lot of really good Greek food, and more importantly, learned a lot about myself (and that my brain does have an off switch for meditation after all) and a different kind of yoga that I previously hadn’t thought was for me.…

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    Yukon Days – Part One

    A couple days ago, this city girl got on a plane to the Great ‘White’ North. I say ‘White’ because, well it’s summer, and right now, it’s mostly the Great ‘Green’ North. Still spectacularly beautiful though. It’s so… Open.  Or, as the Travel Yukon tagline says: Larger Than Life. My flight was me and a very large Swiss tour group that comprised of very active senior citizens. Despite this, the plane was not full and I had not only the rare treat of a window seat (a battle I tend to lose with my pilot husband), but the entire row to myself.  I must say, the Swiss looked, as most European…

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    Thankful Birthday Weekend – Part 2

    It’s raining outside. Yup, it’s raining, it’s cold, and it’s officially autumn (or the less elegant sounding “fall”) in Vancouver. I sound a bit whiny about the weather because up until Tuesday, it was sunny and warm; and up until today, there was no need for a super warm coat and a pair of my Hunter boots. That being said, the cold, damp weather has made me even more thankful for the fabulous weather we had, especially over the Thanksgiving long weekend. After an evening of birthday fun and turkey goodness, we slept in and woke up to a fridge full of leftovers. A LOT. (First world problems.) I did…