Clicking my heels three times

Today is my last morning in Scotland and Europe overall. I’m sad but excited at the same time because in an hour I am getting on a plane to start my journey home. I am ready.

My laptop hard drive died back in mid-September (and the exchange rate and my budget deemed it too expensive to fix here) so everything I had drafted and intended to post and new things from the adventures since those have been put on hold. It’s been freeing to not be at a laptop, work or personal (though I have really wanted to type out my travel journal); and I’ve enjoyed my travels that much more.

And so I write this on my iPhone so I can close the loop that opened back in August. As much of a first world (maybe just North American?) problem as this is, I needed a break. Plain and simple; a recharge of my batteries. And I was very fortunate to be supported by both my guy and my work to be able to do so for these two months. I am forever grateful.

IMG_8448.JPG It’s been a lot of flying, exploring, eating, laughing, and amazing people. And a lot of photos. So many photos. 🙂

But I miss my guy. I miss my bed. I miss Vancouver.

So for every flight that I am on today (three), I will click the heels of my metaphorical sparkly red slippers. Because there is no place like home. It absolutely is where your heart is, and mine is in Vancouver.



We don’t call it homesick. We call it missing home. There’s not a sickness involved, it’s a state of mind. ~ John Litten

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