Mexico Bound, Waiting in Calgary

It’s 2:45 am and I’m in Calgary airport; valiantly trying to stay awake before my 6am flight so I can sleep on the plane to Puerto Vallarta. Finally. It’s time for my sunny vacation in one of my absolute favourite places to go, Nuevo Vallarta. Sean is now alone on cat/housesitting duty until Wednesday. The cat looked so upset with me when I was packing my bags. Genuinely heart wrenching. 

I’m on my own for this trip as Sean can’t miss work, but I’m actually looking forward to having a solo holiday. I deal with people all day at work because I’m an executive assistant and event planner. It’s been busy, and this girl needs a break.

It will be so great to finally get to PV because at I’ve had a few trying (and, yes,  very first-world-problem) moments the last couple days. a) My e-reader died/froze, the day after I charged, updated and purchased three new books to read during my time off – there’s some troubleshooting anecdotes that go with this, but I won’t bore you; b) The currency attendant at Vancouver airport might as well have been molasses; and c) I was denied entering an area of the terminal to get food that was closer to my gate because my flight gate started with a different letter – which meant I had to hoof it all the way back to the beginning of my “area” for food. First world. I know. I’ll stop now.

The flight to Calgary airport was blissfully uneventful and short. There is snow here but we didn’t have to go in it. (Phew!) I was amused at the baggage claim because each carousel has a theme based on a Calgary or Alberta landmark/tourist attraction. Mine was for the Calgary Zoo and the first thing I saw when I walking up was this enormous hippopotamus head in the ‘water’ of the carousel. And it’s right next to the oversize baggage desk. (It was funny for me. I’m tired. I’m allowed to be corny and easily amused. 🙂 )

Not sure the hippo would appreciate being next to the oversize baggage desk…
And my suitcase was the third one out which was fantastic.

The first thing I did was brush my teeth and wash my face. I love empty airport bathrooms – no one stares at you because you are flossing. I’ve been fed (courtesy of a fantastic and reasonably priced salmon burger and salad at Monk’s in YVR) and am suitably hydrated. (I feel like that Tom Hanks movie where he lives in the airport.) I’m also going on almost 24 hours of being awake, so probably time to stop typing. Also time to make my way to check-in for my international flight.

Adios, amigos and amigas! Have a great weekend!

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