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    My Favourite Metro Vancouver Brunch Spots

    Brunch. The Goldilocks and most hygge of meals. Yes, it’s Thursday morning and I’m already thinking about where to have weekend brunch. If you’re like me, you might like to plan things out and want to make a reservation. That doesn’t always fly as many restaurants in the city don’t take resos during brunch time, if at all. This gives me mild anxiety, but the key is to show up 20-30 min before you actually want to be seated so they can take your name down. I’m not a huge fan of standing in a queue forever, but there are some restaurants that are worth it! Here are my favourite…

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    The Seven Best Places to Hop Off the Bus in Glasgow

    In continuing with the cheap, cheerful, and efficient theme of my recent May/June trip with the girls, how does one best explore a city with just a couple days to spare? And without breaking the bank? Like I mentioned in my post about finding Nessie, sometimes you need to hop on a bus. In this case, hopping on and off in the beautiful city of Glasgow. Small tangent: Scotland was recently announced by RoughGuides.com as the most beautiful country in the world. Glasgow is definitely an urban reason for this accolade with its intricate architecture, green spaces, and dedication to culture. I’ve been rabbiting on about Scotland for years, so…

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    Tourist in My Town: My Favourite Metro Vancouver Summer Weekend Activities

    We were out and about last weekend and it occurred to me that it’s almost at the end of August. How did that sneak up so quickly?? Despite summer whooshing by, I can safely say that I’ve been properly enjoying my weekends playing tourist in my town. Having an ex-pat significant other makes for much discovery and re-discovery of my beautiful city of Vancouver.