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    Coastal BC Craft Breweries That Make It Worth Going the Extra Road Trip Mile

    Continuing with our #friendsinbeerplaces road trip along the Coastal Ale Trail… When I travel,  I’m all about convenience, efficiency, and quality. No set order. All three things come in handy when exploring, but sometimes you need to go the extra mile (or ferry) in order to find quality. The road less travelled, if you will. And that is why the Brit and I are big fans of Love Shack Libations and Townsite Brewing – they are craft breweries that go the extra mile for their customers, which makes going off the beaten path completely worth it. 0

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    5 Craft Breweries to Visit on Vancouver Island (Where Everyone Knows Your Name)

    If you don’t know the TV show whose theme song title I’ve shamelessly used in my post title,  you probably weren’t born when it was on the air. Google it. Watch it. It’s fabulous. And the theme song is classic. But to get to my point, the song represents the sense of community that I feel craft breweries and their tasting rooms have brought a back into our social culture. (Even with social media taking over our lives!) It’s something we especially felt when we were on our recent road trip along the east coast of Vancouver Island, checking out some craft breweries along the BC Ale Trail. More on that…

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    Vancouver Island Road Trip – Pause and Explore

    When on a road trip, it’s all well and good to enjoy the scenery from inside the car – especially when it’s raining! – but, (aside from when nature calls) I feel that breaks are important, a) to get you out of the car to stretch your legs (Your hip flexors will thank you!), b) to actually enjoy a meal, and c) to pause and explore your surroundings. While you’re working on a) and c), you’ll also get your steps in – bonus! Here is a little guide of places to stop and enjoy when making your way up and down the east coast of Vancouver Island GET RANDOM: The World’s Largest…

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    Island Road Trip – Roost Farm Centre 

    ROOST FARM CENTRE (9100 East Saanich Rd., North Saanich, BC) A couple weekends ago, the Brit and I hopped on a ferry for a mini birthday (his) holiday on Vancouver Island. As with most of my travels anywhere in the world, there was a mechanical delay. (Surprise!) Silver lining: we got to capture the sunset at the beginning of the eventual boat ride and spend the rest of the journey inside (read: warm), planning our activities for the next day. The delay made us very late for our dinner reservation (we got there 30 min before closing – see note below), but that leads me to my recommended start to a…