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    4 Fabulous Girls’ Night Out Options in London

    Having travelled solo a fair amount, I am comfortable being in my own company; but there are many times when I’ve been away and wanted to share a moment, or just have someone (that I know) to talk to. Be that partner or friend. That’s why I loved being on the recent trip with my girlfriends, particularly when we were in London. It was really wonderful to share a city that I’ve become quite fond of with some of my favourite people. 0

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    City Girl Whisky Diary: Where to Get Free Whisky in Scotland

    Travelling in Scotland is one of my favourite things to do. It’s one of my happy places. But the exchange rate isn’t really ever in my favour, so I’m always on the hunt for ways to #GetThrifty – without sacrificing fun – when I’m away. During the research phase of my recent trip with the girls, I was very excited when the marketing coordinator from one of the distilleries emailed me back with an amazing tip for our Highlands road trip path. It’s called the ‘Friends of the Classic Malts’ and it was almost like getting a golden ticket because it equals… free whisky! And who doesn’t want that? We…

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    City Girl Whisky Diary: Whisky stereotypes and touring the softer side with Tomatin Distillery 

    Okay, ladies. This question’s mostly for you. Regardless of whether you enjoy a dram or not, when you think about whisky, what comes to mind? Don Draper from Mad Men? Stuffy old men with cigars? It tastes like rocket fuel? The second and latter of those were my thoughts on whisky for the longest time. And then I travelled to Scotland the first time. Turns out I had been trying the wrong kinds of Scotch. And then one day, I found one that didn’t taste (for me) like rocket fuel; and another. But that’s a story for another day. My point is that while the vast selection of whisky available can…

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    6 Fab Places to Eat and Drink in London’s Soho District

    Before I left for my trip in May, I was quizzing my expat colleagues about where the girls and I should eat and drink for our three nights in London. They all recommended one neighbourhood: Soho. Though I’ve been to London many times, it was an area that, aside from the theatres, I had no paid much attention to. Having now explored a bit, I can safely say shame on me. Located in the West End of London, Soho is London’s nightlife hot spot. It has morphed, chameleon-like over the decades, from being the place to find certain company and activities (you know what I mean), to the hub of…

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    City Girl Whisky Diary: Scotch Whisky Experience

    Whisky. The Scots call this lovely amber liquid  “The Water of Life”. With this, you know that they take their Scotch very seriously. (For example, it’s whisky, not whiskey with an ‘e’. This is a thing.) And there are endless kinds. So if you’re new to whisky, it can be a bit daunting to figure out where to start. My whisky palate has been cultivating for a few years now (I’m an Islay whisky girl), but if you’re like me, a million questions might run through the circuit board of your brain: How do they make it? What kind should I try? Which distillery do I go to? (So many…

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    7 Tips for Travelling with a Group of Girlfriends + Accommodations Recommendations

    I’ve been back a couple weeks now from a really fantastic trip with some of my best girlfriends, and with jet-lag blessedly dissipated, I’ve begun to dive into my photos and notes. So many pictures, and a lot of information. And memories. Really fun and good memories. (Like this one!) For obvious reasons, small group travel is very different than solo and paired travel. Here are some key points to remember and how to best enjoy the spectacular places you will see with your friends: Compromise This is the most important part of group travel, specifically travelling with your friends. Why? Because it’s not just about you. It’s about what’s best for…