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    Feeling Posh in Edinburgh

    I love Edinburgh. If you know me personally, you have heard this a million times. (Sorry, not sorry.) Why do I love it so much? That’s an entire other post, but the short version is that the first time I went there, I felt so at home. The city spoke to my soul and it’s the same every time I visit. Given the opportunity — and if nothing was in my way financially or immigration wise — I would happily live half the year there and half the year in Vancouver. I love it that much. I also have some really lovely friends in Edinburgh, and staying with them each…

  • Scotch Whisky Experience
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    City Girl Whisky Diary: Scotch Whisky Experience

    Whisky. The Scots call this lovely amber liquid  “The Water of Life”. With this, you know that they take their Scotch very seriously. (For example, it’s whisky, not whiskey with an ‘e’. This is a thing.) And there are endless kinds. So if you’re new to whisky, it can be a bit daunting to figure out where to start. My whisky palate has been cultivating for a few years now (I’m an Islay whisky girl), but if you’re like me, a million questions might run through the circuit board of your brain: How do they make it? What kind should I try? Which distillery do I go to? (So many…