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    6 Museums to Visit in Seattle + Budget Friendly Way to Visit Them

    We were recently in Seattle, and coincidentally, we were there for the city’s Museum Month. What’s special about that? If you are staying at participating Downtown Seattle hotels, you get a card that entitles you to two admissions to world-class museums for the price of one… for the whole month of February. To state the obvious, it’s an excellent deal, people – #GetThrifty for the win!

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    Tokyo – Day 2 – Chiba

    We took the bullet train to Kyoto yesterday, and are now back on the train and en route to Hiroshima. I am very impressed by, never mind how fast, but how quiet the cars are on the tracks. Like any mode of transport, there are some bumps, so if our friends and family get a postcard with slightly chicken scratch printing (note that my printing is already sub-par), sorry!  Day 1, was a half day of jet-lag…