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    Welcome to Wine Thursday

    Wine Thursday is a weekly tradition where me and The Brit try a new wine or re-explore a favourite. These are the BC wines we've sipped and savoured in 2020 — all great value for money and accessible for all budgets.

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    The City Girl Craft Beer Festival Survival Guide

    Enjoying craft beer, West Coast City Girl style. Practical tips and tricks for enjoying a day or evening of hoppy libation with fun, grace and gumption. While summer tends to host the bulk of the adult beverage festivals in BC, they happen year round. Particularly in Vancouver and Victoria. The Brit and I recently attended the immensely popular Great Canadian Beer Festival (GCBF) for the first time, and I think it’s one of my favourite festivals I’ve been to—and the weather was perfect! Because the blog has become a little more liquid focused, I’ve attended a lot of craft beer events. Combined with years of sports/concert/corporate event planning, I’ve seen…

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    Coastal BC Craft Breweries Worth the Extra Road Trip Mile

    Continuing with our #friendsinbeerplaces road trip along the Coastal Ale Trail… When I travel,  I’m all about convenience, efficiency, and quality. No set order. All three things come in handy when exploring, but sometimes you need to go the extra mile (or ferry) in order to find quality. The road less travelled, if you will. And that is why the Brit and I are big fans of Love Shack Libations and Townsite Brewing – they are craft breweries that go the extra mile for their customers, which makes going off the beaten path completely worth it.