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    City Girl Connects: How Going to a Coworking Space Saved My Sanity

    It’s #EntrepreneursDay and Global Entrepreneurs’ Week! I still don’t know that I would classify myself as such, but I am surrounded by some amazing female entrepreneurs that inspire and motivate me every day. Meredith Garritsen at Hervana is one of those inspirations, and not only is she good people, she has the dubious honour of having helped me save my sanity the week before we moved to Victoria. (She’s also given a great prize for the contest at the end of this post!)

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    Success My Way and Missing Jean

    Friday was International Women’s Day and I spent the day at an offsite event (if you need an event space, the Jewel Ballroom is great) with work colleagues, both men and women, at a lovely venue called the Jewel Ballroom. My company holds annual IWD events globally and this year’s theme was “Success My Way”. Social media has increasingly become a component for events like this, particularly at our Vancouver events throughout the year – due to the efforts of a social media savvy colleague. And so with the hashtags #successmyway and #IWD13Van we (I think the word is) trended and tweeted our definitions of success, photos and thoughts for…