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    Exploring Culloden

    One of my favourite TV programs recently started back up again. This little show called Outlander. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Joking aside, the series of eight books that the show is based on is partly what made me want to visit Scotland the first time (2010). I’ve read the adventures of Jamie and Claire in books 1-7 at least twice each over the last twelve years and the eighth came out just in time for me…

  • Loch Ness tour

    My Bus Tour of Loch Ness + Bus Tour Etiquette

    I’m back on the West Coast, and while I’m very happy to be home, I have Scotland on the brain… It’s one of my happy places. Amazing scenery, culture, and history; my beautiful friends, and a sense of home — something I still can’t fully explain. And after many visits in the last seven years, I’ve had the opportunity to travel the majority of the country by train, car, and now, as a proper tourist, on a…