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    Clearing the clutter

    I found out a bit belatedly that yesterday was “Giving Tuesday”. At first, I thought it was odd time to have it in light of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness just before it; but what better way to properly kick off the holiday season than with a day geared towards promoting the non-commercial part of the holiday spirit? It was also a good segue in to what I had been drafting the past few days… 0

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    Guest Post: Kate’s Adventures in the Land Down Under

    Have you been to Australia? I have not – it’s on the list. Therefore, I have been living vicariously through my lovely friend Kate. She has been living and travelling throughout the land down under for the last six months and is now getting ready to come back home (yay!). While I am still sifting through my Japan and Taiwan photos and writing related posts, I asked Kate if she’d be so kind as to write a summary of her trip and share some photos for a guest post. (Idea courtesy of another lovely friend, Stef, another West Coast city girl, who writes her Broad World blog from across the Atlantic while on…

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    Wednesday started out as a bit of a crap day. I woke up feeling like I hadn’t slept, and if you’ve ever woken up feeling like that, you know it’s not great. At all. But as with 99% of crap days, it got better. But the highlight of day – the ultimate pinnacle? An email of the best kind that contained this: After a final payment this month for my yoga teacher training, I got my instructor certificate! It’s officially official! I am ridiculously proud of and humbled by this achievement, and I don’t think I stopped smiling for the rest of the day. And I, of course, posted on…