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    Chocolate Decadence – Dark Chocolate Raspberry Ganache Pie

    So it’s day 2 of OHAC, and I am desperately missing one thing: dark chocolate. It’s my favourite pick me up snack and I can’t have it. (On the upside, I went to a really, really great yoga class tonight and while it wasn’t chocolate, it made a bit of a frantic day much better.) Dark chocolate is good for you but it has caffeine and dairy. I could turn to carob, but guess what? It has soy in it and that is also a no-no on OHAC. Alas… And so I present to you the last chocolate dessert baked and consumed pre-cleanse – my absolute favourite and fail safe…

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    Chocolate Decadence – Dark Chocolate Cherry Walnut Truffles

    This week is chocolate week for me. Part of that is… well, if you’re a girl, you know. Part of it is that it’s almost Easter. Back in February with Valentine’s Day coming up at the time, my mind had been on chocolate. (As it is now with Easter coming up.) And then this OhSheGlows recipe came to my inbox I was very intrigued. Dark Chocolate Cherry Walnut Truffles – YUM! (OhSheGlows is a great website run by a Tonrontonian named Angela Liddon who is a vegan baker/cook. She has a really inspiring story and some super tasty recipes. The cupcakes that I made back in November are from her…

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    Chocolate Decadence – Flourless Chocolate Cake

    It seems I tend to blog when there’s a hockey game on. It’s “Hockey Night in Canada” on CBC and we are watching the Canucks at 1-1 against the Flames going into the second intermission. We have clinched our division and Calgary is desperately trying to gain a playoff spot. (The Western Conference is tight this year – at least for the bottom 2/3. We are 20 points ahead of most of the teams.) It’s currently Earth Hour but we can’t turn the game off. That just won’t do on HNIC – and I say this very seriously. Anyhow. The other night we went to dinner at my friend Katie…

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    Holiday Season Survival Tips and No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

    We are now full on into the holiday season, which means shopping, parties, shortbread, and, let’s face it, feeling a bit like you’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off. This is not a feeling exclusive to Christmas time, but it’s certainly amplified at this time of year. Unexpected guests, forgetting presents, hopping from event to event (I had three last Thursday!). How to survive the most wonderful time of the year – and, really, anything that comes your way? Three key things to remember:

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    Holiday Party Food and Easy Fig Dip

    In light of moving chaos, my annual open house is a no-go this year. The kitchen is a disaster. I don’t know that I’ve ever blogged about the holiday open house as Christmas time tends to get beyond busy… But we throw a good party involving BBQ’d turkey, lots of food and drink, and the apartment is stuffed to capacity with our friends. I love it. I am sad to not have that this year; but that hasn’t stopped me from thinking about party food!

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    Valentine’s Day Goat Cheese Icing

    As most know, yesterday was Valentine’s Day and the world exploded with chocolate, cinnamon hearts, and red and pink coloured everything. As a corporate event planner, I am very spoiled on days like this – I got cookies, candy, you name it, from vendors and venues. All shared with my office mates and thoroughly enjoyed. My Valentine’s gift was the wonderful treat of having Sean home on a special day. Sometimes it doesn’t happen because of work schedules, so I was so happy he had the night off. It was our five year “together” anniversary on the 13th and we did a combo celebration on the 14th with a dinner…