Ep. 30 – Christina Lyon

Let’s talk about self-love, surviving divorce, changing our narrative and tacos with California writer and musician Christina Lyon

In this episode, I catch up with one of my favourite Instagram friends, writer, musician and fellow travel bug, Christina Lyon. We chat self-love, tacos, battling shame, surviving divorce, and how a change in narrative makes the world open up. (Stop being the obstacle in your life so you can be your own champion!)

Christina Lyon is a coffee sipping, piano playing, word-obsessed freelance writer and musician. She’s on fire for helping small biz owners tell their stories with engaging marketing copy. Poetry and fiction are her creative passions, and her debut poetry book, Bloom, will publish this spring. When she’s not reading or writing, she loves to play music and explore the beaches and wild trails along the California coast.

Connect with Christina on Instagram @bychristinalyon and @christinavlyon.

Books we talk about in this episode:

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