Ep. 29 – Jenna Herbut

Let’s talk about mindset, conscious entrepreneurship and feeling confident in our decisions with Jenna Herbut from Make It Show and Vancouver’s Conscious Lab.
Jenna Herbut City Girl Talks

This week’s guest is entrepreneur extraordinaire Jenna Herbat from Make It craft fairs. We chat COVID-19 (obvs), confidence, mindset and conscious entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurial spirit hit Jenna and her brother at an early age and she shares so many great business and life insights in this episode. Jenna is such a vibrant soul and her enthusiasm is infections — I really enjoyed our chat. You’ll also hear me have a *mind blown* moment when Jenna talks about insights from her favourite book.

Jenna is the founder of Make It which is a biannual craft fair in Vancouver and Edmonton. Each show features over 250 Makies and attracts thousands of shoppers. Jenna recently wrote a book called Make It Happen which is a guide for creative entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into reality. Conscious Lab is her side hustle and it’s a community space for entrepreneurs to grow and self actualize.

Connect with Jenna on Instagram: @jennaherbut, @consciouslab and @makeitshow

Books we talk about in this episode:

Keep Well: This week is Canadian Mental Health Week. If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health right now, I hear you. I see you. I feel you. The 2020 theme is social connection and if you need someone to connect with, please DM me @citygirltalks.  

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