Ep. 19 – Lindsay Dent

Let’s talk about mindfulness, eating on time and why the hard choices will ultimately lead to our happiness with Lindsay Dent from Pink Crown Creative.
Lindsay Dent City Girl Talks

On the podcast this week is my lovely friend Lindsay Dent, host of the ‘Have You Met Her Yet?’ podcast and founder of branding company Pink Crown Creative. We chat mindfulness and wellness, growing up in the corporate world and our love/hate relationship with Instagram. We also get deep into what makes us happy and how the hard choices are often the ones that lead to our ultimate happiness—plus a random tangent on float pods. (Have you tried them?)

Lindsay has been in the sales and marketing industry for almost 15 years. Hailing from Brampton, ON, Lindsay made the move to the west coast 6 years ago to grow her career in marketing and follow her travel bug heart to her new home of Vancouver. She found her true calling in September 2017 when she decided to make the bold move and quit the cushy corporate world to pursue her dreams and passions of owning her own business Pink Crown Creative and being her own boss. Primarily using social media marketing to grow her business, she wanted to find a way to inspire and influence entrepreneurs and small business owners to launch, market and grow their businesses using the same tools, while feeling really confident about being an entrepreneur and following their passions.

Connect with Lindsay on Instagram @pinkcrowncreative and @haveyoumetheryetseries.

Lindsay’s favourite books: 

  • Anything by Kate Morton (author of The Clockmaker’s Daughter and The House at Riverton)

Lindsay’s #GetThrifty tips: 

  • Is there anywhere where you could cut back? Check your credit card statement.
  • Always set aside a specific % or amount of every paycheque in your savings.
  • Take stock of what you value.

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