Ep. 18 – Stefanie McAuley

Let’s talk about overcoming anxiety, finding joy in imperfection, being proud of yourself and why our authentic selves will always shine brightest.

This episode published on #BellLetsTalk day and I knew right away that my friend, marketing specialist and writer Stefanie McAuley was the city girl I wanted to have on this episode. Stef is very open about her anxiety, and through her blog and social platforms, works to share her and other women’s REAL (not reel). In sharing her experience with anxiety, Stef hopes to help rid of the shame and stigma around talking about mental health.

The blog post we talk about at the beginning of the episode is here, and Stef has also put up a post on helping a friend with their mental health.

Stef is a writer and marketing specialist who has worked with some of the biggest brands around the globe like Nike, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Stella Artois, Vancouver Giants, Tesco and Benefit Cosmetics. Not one to sit still, she’s lived on three continents and travelled to fifty countries. Since coming back to Vancouver in 2015, Stef worked for PressReader, the world’s leading digital newsstand. As of early 2019, she jumped into her own business, Broad World, with both feet. She started sharing her stories years ago on Broad World’s blog, inspired by her travels, life’s lessons, and the incredible women she came across. Check it out – you might find a story that lights a fire in you, too.

Stef’s favourite books: 

Stef’s #GetThrifty tips: 

  • Meal planning
  • Use an app like Mint
  • Ask why you are spending what you’re spending

Connect with Stef on Instagram @broad_world and at her website.

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