Ep. 16 – Cassy Vantriet

Let’s talk about entrepreneurship, tea, me time, wellness from within, and being okay with talking about money.

Hello and Happy New Year! We are back after a break for the holidays and it’s time to dive into some 2020 girl talk.This week’s guest is entrepreneur and all around good soul Cassy Vantriet. We chatted back in December and it’s the perfect episode to start the new year with. We dive into entrepreneurship, tea, me time, wellness from within, and being okay with talking about money. I felt incredibly inspired and motivated.  

Cassy is the founder of Woash Wellness a Vancouver based loose-leaf tea company that carefully designs wellness blends that enhance your desired state of being by utilizing the natural benefits of each herb. While developing Woash she discovered her unique skill to transform a complex task such as launching a business into a simplified course of action that she offers through her one on one mentorship program, The Wyld Ride. She balances growing her two business’ with personal growth, ocean adventures and escaping the city anytime she can with her husband. 

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Connect with Cassy on Instagram Woash Wellness and follow her journey to have a better relationship with money @thewyldride.

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