Ep. 15 – Leeann Froese

Let’s talk about wine for the holidays, the importance of mentorship, and why it’s okay to ***k up with PR maven and wine expert Leeann Froese.
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This week, I dive into wines for the Christmas holiday season with PR maven and wine expert, Leeann Froese. Leeann is the co-owner and principal of Town Hall Brands in Vancouver. Town Hall represents several award-winning BC and international wineries, and I learn something new about wine every time I chat with Leeann.

What to pair with turkey dinner or a Christmas pot luck? We’ve got you covered, plus you’ll have some fun factoids to impress your guests with. You get to hear me fumble over some German varietal names, and Leeann and I chat about the importance of learning and mentorship, and why it’s okay to ***k up.

You can read more about the BC wines we talk about at this blog post

Connect with Leeann on Instagram and at Town Hall Brands.

Books Leeann loves: 

Leeann’s #GetThrifty tips: 

  • Clothing swaps with friends
  • Buy second-hand clothes
  • Join a wine club for the discount and special wine perks!

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