Ep. 14 – Dr. Genieve Burley

Let’s talk about spine health, sustainability, yoga, plant-based eating and overcoming anxiety with Dr. Genieve Burley.
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This week’s guest is my chiropractor in Vancouver, Dr. Genieve Burley. She has helped me a lot with my spine and is such a good soul. We chat about spine health, plant-based eating as a physically active person and how everyone can do their part to create a more sustainable world. She also shares how yoga helped her to overcome post-partum anxiety and evolve her chiropractic practice.

Technology gremlins made it so that we had to re-record the first half of our conversation, but it just meant that we had another good chat. (Thank you for dialling in from your holiday, Genieve. I appreciate your time and friendship!)

And as soon as she sends me her mushroom miso gravy (hello!) recipe, I’ll be sure to post it here and on social.

Connect with Genieve on Instagram and at her website. If you’re in Vancouver, you can book a chiropractor appointment with her at Be Chiropractic Wellness in Yaletown.

Books Genieve loves: 

Genieve’s #GetThrifty tips: 

  • Get back to using cash (so you have more awareness of your money)
  • Make your lunch
  • Buy second-hand clothes
  • Experiences over things 

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