Ep. 13 – Dana Green Remedios

Let’s talk about not feeling guilty for indulging, healthy holiday season food and why we should eat in a way to nourish ourselves with holistic nutritionist Dana Green Remedios.
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Just in time for the holidays, holistic nutritionist Dana Green Remedios is on the podcast this week. We chat about not feeling guilty about indulging, healthifying favourite holiday foods (which Dana does with this gravy recipe), different food mentalities around the world, and why we need to celebrate food and eat in a way that’s going to nourish us.

Dana also drops a truth bomb about menopause (which we all need to know, because it’s coming, eventually!) I hope you get as much out of this episode as I did.


Connect with Dana on Instagram and at the Healthy Wealthy Habits site and Facebook group. To book Dana’s nutrition concierge service, click here.

Books Dana loves: 

Dana’s #GetThrifty tips: 

  • Cook your food
  • Make and bring your lunch
  • Meal prep helps you save money 
  • Cheaper to buy bone-in chicken
  • Make soup

Also, happy early Thanksgiving to all the listeners in the US and to my American friends and family!

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