Ep. 8 – Mika Ennis

Let’s talk about acupuncture, career change, Libra quirks, and not worrying and apologizing so much.

Acupuncturist Mika Ennis drills down the three things you should know about acupuncture — aside from the fact that it’s amazing. (This is also a friendly reminder for you to book those appointments now, before the mad rush of “oh shoot, need to use up my benefits” takes all the open spots with your favourite wellness practitioner!)

Mika and I also chat about going with our gut without worrying and apologizing so much, big career transitions, being Libras and doing the right thing — even when it’s awkward. 

As we are Libras, we got a bit chatty, but that’s what this podcast is about, right?

Mika Ennis
Photo courtesy of Mika Ennis

Connect with Mika on Instagram, where she shares the benefits of acupuncture and snippets of her life as a wife, mum and pet lover. If you’re in Edmonton, be sure to book an appointment with her.

Books Mika is reading and loves:

#GetThrifty tips:

  • By things on sale!
  • Outlet malls are the bomb.
  • Buy baby clothes second-hand.
  • Use your benefits!

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