Ep. 6 – Jana Josue-MacLaren

Let’s talk about burnout, photography, how you aren’t always ready for your own energy, and why it’s important to be yourself.

This week’s guest is photographer Jana Josue-MacLaren. Based in Vancouver, Jana loves to work with natural light and photograph people to create images that communicate their most authentic selves. Knowing from a young age that she wanted to be a teacher, Jana thought her path was very clear. But suffering from burnout created an interesting shift that made following her side-hustle dreams a necessity—and she’s rocking it.

We chat about being cluttered, being yourself, career changes, and how you aren’t always ready for your own energy. She also shares her tiered morning habits and some advice for budding photographers. The lightning round isn’t so lightning, but it’s simply because we have the best deep conversations. 

Connect with Jana on Instagram and at her website. 

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Photo courtesy of Jana Josue-MacLaren

Books Jana loves:

#GetThrifty tips:

  • Spend your money on things that you feel are worth it. (Culinary experiences
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money on photography equipment.
  • Sometimes buying second-hand is the best way to try something out—like photography equipment!

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