Ep. 5 – Meagan Murtonen

Let’s talk about not comparing ourselves, moving cities, naughty dogs, winter weddings, and money mindset.

This week’s guest is Meagan Murtonen from Victoria’s Botanica & Bloom one of my lovely friends in Victoria. Meagan is a wedding planner (no, I’m not getting married 😉 ), florist and lifestyle blogger who moved to Victoria around the same time I did last year—how has a year go by so fast?! We met at a networking event and became friends shortly after that.

We chat about moving cities, money mindset, and the importance of not comparing ourselves to others. And for all the brides out there, she’s got some great recommendations for cozy and stylish winter weddings. (Top tip: Don’t spend any more time outside in the cold with your flowers than you absolutely need to. It’s not good for the blooms!) She’s also got some great #GetThrifty tips, and her handsome—but naughty—dog, Oliver makes a couple appearances. (He’s the absolute best!)

Connect with Meagan on Instagram and at her website. 

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Photo courtesy of Meagan Murtonen

Meagan is reading:

#GetThrifty tips:

  1. Make your meals and have a good spice selection so you can make leftovers a little more interesting!
  2. Be mindful of what you can and can’t spend. Think about want vs need.

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