Ep. 3 – Meredith Garritsen

Let’s talk about building community, NOT keeping up with the cool kids, and growing as a leader.

When I was last in Vancouver, I popped into Hervana Coworking Collective to to get some work done, and settled in for some girl talk with Hervana founder, Meredith Garritsen. Hervana is an environment for female entrepreneurs to accelerate their success through community— and I love to spend time there.

We chatted about building community, NOT keeping up with the cool kids, and learning to be a leader of grace (she tells a fantastic story we can all relate to!). I say “like” more than I’d prefer, Meredith and I both need to get back to Italy, and agree that Paris is the best place… always

City Girl Talks

Connect with Meredith and the Hervana community on Instagram and at hervanavancouver.com. You can also use promo code CITYGIRLTALKS for $5 off any upcoming Hervana networking event.

Meredith is currently reading: The Cloud Sketcher

#GetThrifty tips:

  1. Quality over quantity when spending your money on clothes and shoes— and take care of your things!
  2. Hervana’s Community membership

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