How quickly a year passes

What were you doing a year ago? Watching the Opening Ceremonies? Wandering around downtown?

I was watching the ceremony on TV, all comfy cozy on our couch and learning how to use my new embossing heat element for our wedding invites. (I was basically an Olympic widow from October through the Paralympics  Sean worked the setup, loadins and loadouts for a huge chunk of the venues. I consider us both lucky that we got to experience the actual Olympics together as most of the work occured pre/post games.)

And now I am finally finishing up the wedding thank yous and am once again sitting in front of the TV – watching the news and hearing about people celebrating the Olympic anniversary. I guess the cycle is complete?

I have lots of good memories of the Olympics (particularly getting to play tourist in my own city) but I’ve been randomly having little nostalgic moments of other events in my life. For example, I was heading to my mom’s on Thursday evening to pick something up and I took the bus from Marine Station. The stop I got off at is right across from of what used to be the Wild Coyote. It is now called the Motel (somewhat of a sketchy name, but okay) and there were some 16 year olds on the bus talking about going there. (I learned this because the guys chatted up the girls and realized they know people at each other’s schools. When I figured out what the Motel was, all I could do was laugh. I wonder if they actually got in?) Anyhow, I took one look at that place and the first thought that popped in my head was “That’s where I had my first tequila shot,” and a big smile spread across my face. I was 18 and helping with a fundraiser that was being held there. I had to get there super early to help so I could get in before the ID-ing began and a bunch of people that I was working with at Theatre Under the Stars came along. Rnold (no “a” just an “r”) and co introduced me to the combo of salt, Jose and lime and I’ve loved it ever since. That was a fun night.

Writing this, I realize that as of July/August of this year, it will be ten years since that first shot. Wow… I don’t know that I feel old, but TEN years. I certainly wasn’t thinking about microdermabrasion back then. lol.

I took time to pamper myself on Friday and went to the spa. I was given a very generous gift card as a present and it went towards a mani-pedi and microdermabrasion with a mini facial. O-M-G. Even with the crystals in the machine whirring away at my skin, I was so relaxed. (I am so going back to Absolutely Fabulous Urban Spa. It was such a lovely experience. The esthetician who performed my treatments is engaged and we talked about weddings the entire time, so that was a fun bonus.) People at work were asking me why I was getting the micro done. Answer: I’d never had it done before, and I was curious. Apparently it’s good for oily skin, of which I have, so why not? And I kid you not, I can see the difference. So this will have to be a quarterly occurrence, I think. I don’t foresee my self EVER wanting to having needles inject Botox in my skin but I’ll pay to have a crystals exfoliate my skin anytime.

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