The Pilates click

Taught my first beginner Pilates class this evening and I had great fun. It’s been some time since I taught dance or anything in general, so I was pretty nervous, but my students are great. To preserve anonymity, I won’t name them, but they are hard working moms who want to strengthen their cores and have have healthy bodies. Strong and healthy they will be! The thing I love about teaching is when things click for your students/clients. It makes you feel good and you know you’re doing something right. 🙂 The gym I am teaching at also has an MAA course at the same time so it was pretty noisy but oddly enough, it wasn’t distracting for me or the ladies. I’m surprised by this because the studio where I attend class is pretty serene. I suppose having worked in events I’m used to getting a message across in incredible amounts of din, so there you go. Off to bed for me.

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